With a partner, play the roles of an American student who is shopping at a ski resort in the french Alps and the salesclerk at the resort's boutique. The customer's brother wants a nice French ski jacket and has given the customer enough money to buy it. During the course of the conversation, the customer and the salesclerk should talk about what size ski jacket the customer's brother wears, what color he prefers and the prices of various jackets. Finally, the customer decides on a jacket and purchases it.

American student:Laila

Benjamin: Oui Mademoiselle?

Laila : Je cherche un anorak pour mon
frère. Il fais du 40.

Benjamin: Voici les anoraks. Excusez-moi, quelle taille?

Laila : 40, s'il vous plaît

Benjamin: 40...d'accord. Voilà un anorak rouge. C'est coûte 64, 93 euros.

Laila : Il est cher. Je cherche un anorak solde.

Benjamin: Ah....Voilà un anorak noir. C'est en solde.

Laila : D'accord. Je cherche le anorak noir.

Please make any corrections. Is there another way I could do this. The teacher wants me to do it differently two ways.

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  1. Il fais = fait
    C'est coûte = either Cela coûte OR Ça coûte
    le anorak = l'anorak

    What does your teacher mean "in two ways?"

    Sra (aka Mme)

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