algebra 2

i don't understand this word problem.

Barnany's godfather is alway complaining that back when he was a teenager, he used to be able to buy his girlfriend dinner for only $1.50

a) If that same dinner that Barnaby's grandfather purchased for $1.50 sixty years ago now costs $25.25, and the price has increased exponentielly, write and equation that will give you the costs at different times.

b) How much would you expect the same dinner to cost in sixty years?

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  1. Cost(t)=originalcost*ek*t

    Given at t=0,Cost=1.50 solve for original cost.
    at t=60, Cost =25.25,solve for k

    Finally, solve it when t=120

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  2. One last smart remark. The "same dinner" in sixty more years is going to be a tough chew, even if it was flash frozen. I wouldn't pay much for it.

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