Describe the various types of forest vegetation make sure to give good examples of location and type of plants.

There are various types of forest vegetations located around the world. Tropical rain forests grow in areas near the equator, where the temperature is warm and there is a great amount of rainfall. The largest tropical rain forests are in the Amazon River basin in South America and the Congo River basin in central Africa. The trees in the tropical rain forest are broadleaf evergreens. Contrastingly, the trees in the forests of the middle latitudes are deciduous. This means they shed their leaves, unlike the broadleaf evergreens, usually in autumn. Broadleaf deciduous forests once covered much of Europe, eastern North America, and eastern Asia. There are also trees in the colder parts of the middle latitudes that can survive long, cold winters. These include pines, spruces, and firs, which have long, thin “needles” rather than broad, flat leaves. The northern forests are named coniferous after the cones that carry and protect their seeds. These forests cover huge areas and stretch across Northern America, Europe, and Asia. There are also some other forest types in regions that have mixed coniferous and broadleaf deciduous trees growing in the same area. Clusters of these unique forests are common in northern United States. Another unique forest type is chaparral, which includes small evergreen trees and low bushes, or scrub. Most chaparral plants have leathery leaves to hold moisture over the dry summer. Regions of these forests are found on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, southern California, Chile, South Africa, and Australia.

this is my answer so far. also, would it be better to include grasslands (tropical and temperate), deserts, and tundra, aswell?

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  1. Your question only asks for forest vegetation.

    Why would you include the vegetation of other biomes?

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