i need this journal entry edited please?
I Want It Undone

Journal Entry: What I did to Jack should be unforgivable. Today I might have ruined Jack’s entire high school life. Part way through period one class, I asked to go use the washroom. I went to the south west washroom, I tried opening the first bathroom stall but it was occupied, I moved down the row of stalls each rejecting my entry. I was now at the last one, the door of stall accepted me but not Jack, he was sitting on the toilet seat, his face filled with shock, holding his Nintendo DS on his right hand and Nintendo DS Stylus on his left hand. With my teenager reflex I grabbed my phone and took a picture of this horrific sight. I quickly closed the door and ran back to class leaving Jack calling my name to get me to come back and my bladder stilled filled. After period one was over, Jack came up to me in the hallway and begged me not to show any one the picture I took of him, I told him I would not tell anyone, just to get him to go away. Five minutes before period two, I showed my friends the picture, it made them laugh so hard that some of them got kicked out of class for being to loud. Throughout the rest of the day, every time my friends saw Jack, they would pull down their pants leaving their boxers visible and start calling him Nintendo boy. But calling him Nintendo boy was nothing compared to them posting the picture all over the school hallways the next day. My friends stole my cell phone from my backpack during period two and went to a computer lab to print the picture. After seeing Jack’s saddened face on the bus, I felt angry, guilty and stupid for showing and even taking the picture. Even right know I wish I could take everything back, I made a big mistake, a mistake like Macbeth regretting killing king Banquo. But this is a mistake that is unforgivable.

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asked by jake

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