A certain diet requires no more than 60 units of carbohydrates, at least 45 units of protein, and at least 30 units of fat each day. Each ounce of Supplement A provides 5 units of carbs, 3 units of protein, and 4 units of fat. Each ounce of Supplement B iprovides 2 units of carbs, 2 units of protein, and 1 unit of fat. If Supplemnet A cost $1.50 per once and Supplemnt B costs $1.00 per ounce, how many ounces of each upplement should be taken daily to minimize the cost of diet?

i can't come up with system of
equations for this thingg..

Let C,P and F denote carbohydrates, protein and fat. Let D denote what the diet requires. Then we're told
A = 5C + 3P + 4F
B = 2C + 2P + 1F
We want to maximize
where x is the number of Aoz and y is Boz.
and minimize
There are a number of ways to solve this, but considering the size of the numbers you might just make a table that starts at x=0 and y=30 and find the feasible set of values, then find which has the smallest cost in the feasible set.

After I reviewed my preious post I realized I could be a little more helpful.
If you use x and y for the number of oz of each supplement, then we want to know how many of each is the ideal amount for the diet and cost. We know they provide
1oz A = 5c + 3p + 4f
ioz B = 2c + 2p + 1f
In terms of c, p and f
5x+2y<=60 carb. requirement
3x+2y=>45 prot. requirement
4x+y=>30 fat requirement
We also know
x=>0 and y=>0 we are only interested in values in the first quadrant.
If you graph that set of lines and examine where they intersect you'll find vertices to test in the cost equation
I graphed those lines and there should be three vertices to test.
I hope this is more helpful.

find the solution to the system by graphing x+y=-3 and 3x-y=7

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