Social Studies

Could you check these:

Match each term with its definition by writing the correct letter on the blank.

Here is the following word bank

A. imperialism
B. colony
C. protectorate
D. direct rule
E. annex
F. sepoys
G. viceroy
H. indigenous
I. creoles
J. mestizos
K. indirect rule
L. peninsulares
M. caudillos

1. colonial government in which officials brought from the mother country rule in place of the local elites.
Answer: direct rule

2. Spanish or Portuguese officials who resided temporarily in Latin America.
Ansewr: peninsulares

3. persons of mixed European and Indian ancestry.
Answer: mestizos

4. governor ruling as a royal representative.
Answer: viceroy

5. persons of European descent born in Latin America.
Answer: creoles

6. territory that an imperialistic power ruled directly.
Answer: colony

7. strong leaders who ruled by military force.
Answer: caudillos

8. territory with its own government that an imperialistic power guided, especially in foreign affairs.
Answer: protectorate

9. domination of the political, economic, and social life of one country by another country.
Answer: imperialism

10. native to a region.
Answer: indigenous

11. colonial government in which local rulers maintain status and authority.
Answer: indirect rule

12. indian soldiers.
Answer: sepoys

13. incorporate a territory into an existing political unit such as a country or state.
Answer: annex

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  1. I believe all of your answers are correct. :-)

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