Use the trig Identities to find the other 5 trig functions.
8.)Csc x=-13/5
9.)Cot x=square root of 3
12.)Cos x=-.2351
I need HELP!

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asked by Jennifer
  1. I will do one for you.
    You try some of the others and let me know what you got.

    csc x = -13/5, then
    sin x = -5/13

    so by CAST, angle x is in either III or IV

    construct a right-angled triangle with the side opposite angle x as 5 and hypotenuse 13 (sin ß = opp/hyp)
    By Pythagoras the adjacent side is 12

    so in III, (x is appr. 202.62º)
    sin x = -5/13
    cos x = -12/13
    sec x = -13/12
    tan x = 5/12
    cot x = 12/5

    in IV, (x is appr. 337.38º)
    sin x = -5/13
    cos x = 12/13
    sec x = 13/12
    tan x = -5/12
    cot x = -12/5

    posted by Reiny
  2. Would #7 be Sin- 3 over square root of 73 Cos- 8 over square root of 73 Tan- -8/3 Csc- square root of 73 over 3 Cot- -3/8

    posted by Jennifer
  3. sin x =4/5 and cos y = 5/3
    sin x = 4/5
    cos x = 3/5
    soc^2 x = 5/3- answer

    posted by basker

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