i need to know how to convert liters to decimeter and all of that by for instance one of the questions on my homeowrk says write the letter of the equation that expresses an equal value.a)1L=1 dm b)1L=1cm which on would it be? pleasse help me!!!!

1 liter= 1 cubic decimeter = 1dm^3

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asked by sydney
  1. 1 Liter = 10 deciliters = 100 centiliters = 1000 milliliters

    so 1L = 10 dl = 100 cl = 1000 ml

    Ask yourself, is 1L, which is a measure of volume, likely to be = 1 dm, a measure of length?
    1 cm cubed, or cm^3, on the other hand is a measure of volume. So that should be our first clue.
    1 Liters = 1000 cm cubed so neither of the possibilities you give are correct.

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    posted by Mr.AMG

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