Medical Coding

Operative Report
Pre-Operative Diagnosis: Rheumatic aortic stenosis
Procedure Performed: Valvuloplasty, aortic valve with transventricular dilation
Operative Note: This 38-year-old female patient who has a diagnosis of rheumatic aortic stenosis. She has had this same surgery 5 months ago, today we are performing the same procedure due to restenosising of the aortic valve. We will perform a coronary bypass on her aortic valve.
She is brought to the operating room today and was given general anesthesia. She was prepped and draped in the usual fashion. We proceeded with a valvuloplasty, aortic valve with transventricular dilation. She was placed on cardiopulmonary bypass during the procedure.
The patient tolerated the procedure well. She was taken to the CCU in serious but stable condition.

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