For art I have to create this fairytale book. It has to be 8 pages sided. It has to be short, because on each page we are going to illustrate a picture and below that we are going to write a minimum of 2-3 sentences. It has to start with once upon a time and end with happily ever after. I've made mine up and I would really appreciate someone going through it and making any improvements.

The Snow Prince

Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom lived a young princess named angel. Angel always got good services, food, and lots of clothes. Angel was a lovable being.

All angel ever really wanted was a true friend. She lived in her palace with her mom, dad, and over 50 servants. No one really had time for her.

Next day, at midnight, angel sees a wishing star and wishes upon it. She wishes for a friend.

Next morning, it is really snowy, so angel decides to build a snow figure. As she's finished making that snow figure it comes to life in the form of a young prince.

She befriends him and soon falls in love with him. Angel's mother and father oppose this relationship and decide to kill her dearest friend.

Angel knows what her parents are up to and decides to kill herself before they kill her love. She stabs herself. There is blood everywhere.

Angel's mom and dad are depressed after seeing this. They both begin to cry. Just then, the young prince appears and puts all his focus on angel.

He brings angel back to life with his magical powers. Angel's mom and dad apologize. They say sorry to her and her prince. They both decide to get this couple married.

Angel and her prince lived happily ever after.

Please add in anything I've missed and more details would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. This should mainly be counted in english.

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