Hello everybody!
I have posted a question yesterday on creative classroom.Thank you for the answers.I have checkqued those web sites and picku out the activity with shoe box diorama.So my learners could make a shoe box dioramas (the topic would be different plants and animals - desert, north pole, rainforest)What would be the aim of this activity? Is it appropriate for EFL students? What could I teach them with this activity? ( I won't be actually teaching them, I just need to present this idea to my teacher and other students!)
I need two more activities. I have found some paper dolls of boys and girls.Learners could cut them out and put some clothes on them.Would it also be a good activity?
Any more ideas?
Thank you

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  1. The purpose would be why different types of animals/vegetation live in varying weather types. This would increase vocabulary in science as well as English. It would also make students aware of the various climate regions and why they exist.

    The paper dolls would be good. They would learn the names of different types of clothing, materials, how to purchase. You could set up a "shop" so that they could take their doll to buy clothes for school or for a game.

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