1) The poet's initial mood Or state? of solitude turns into happiness
2) The flowers are introduced/described in the first stanza ( can you use PRESESENTED???)
3) Nature is presented as something positive, as a friend and a comforter to man (is it correct to use positive?)
4) the peom presents a pantheistic view of nature according to which the world is moved by a Mighty Power whose presence is manifested in all elements of nature (is it correct to use present a pantheistic view???)
5)IF a question asks about the elements of magic in a poem can I use sentence connectors such as firstly, secondly, ..finally??
6) According to the Romantics, the poet doesn't have to obey the moral rules (stick to is OK??) that society imposes on him but only the ones which he himself imposes on his creative genius (is impose ON correct?)
7)Can you say " the storm which caught the ship meaning the ship was caught in a storm?

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asked by Franco
  1. 1. mood

    2. yes, "presented" or "described"

    3. Yes, "positive" is fine. I'd use "humans" rather than "man," though.

    4. "poem" (<~~watch spelling); "pantheistic" seems to be okay:

    5. There is no such word as "firstly," but look through the suggestions here for alternatives:

    6. I'd use "adhere to" rather than "stick to" and a comma after "imposes on him" -- and yes, "imposes on" is correct.

    7. I'd write, "the storm in which the ship was caught..."

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