QNT 561:

I want the Statistics question problems for chapter 3 and chapter 5 from the book "Statistical techniques in business and Economics" by Lind, Marchel and Wathen. Can somebody give the questions? Thanks.

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  1. We do not have access to textbooks, workbooks, etc. If your local library can not help you, please try here:,+Marchal+%26+Wathen&spell=1


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  2. A recent survey reported in BusinessWeek dealt with the salaries of CEOs at large corporations
    and whether company shareholders made money or lost money.
    CEO Paid More CEO Paid Less
    Than $1 Million Than $1 Million Total
    Shareholders made money 2 11 13
    Shareholders lost money 4 3 7
    Total 6 14 20
    If a company is randomly selected from the list of 20 studied, what is the probability:
    a. the CEO made more than $1 million?
    b. the CEO made more than $1 million or the shareholders lost money?
    c. the CEO made more than $1 million given the shareholders lost money?
    d. of selecting 2 CEOs and finding they both made more than $1 million?

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  3. For each of the following rejection regions, sketch the sampling distribution for z and indicate the location of the rejection region, and determine the probability that a type 1 error will be made.

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    posted by Shaunda

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