McDonalds sells 6 times as many orders of French fries as Harry's Hamburger Hut every day. If both sold 60 more orders McDonalds would sell only 3 times as many fries. How many orders of fries do each sell before and after the increase?

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  1. Let x be the orders Harry sold
    y be the orders McDonal sold
    x + y = 60 (1)
    and y/x = 3 (2)
    s0lve this system x =15, y =45
    after increase
    H. sold 15+15 =30
    Mc. sold 15*6 + 45 = 135

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  2. M = 6H

    if each sold 60 more ...
    M+60 = 3(H+60)
    6H + 60 = 3H + 180
    3H = 120
    H = 40
    M = 240

    check: after increase
    H = 100
    M = 300

    is 300 three times 100 ?

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