Is this alright?

Explain why it is important to be able to say what you think. Include details that show how people form their opinions. Support your ideas with examples from Darkness At Noon and Homeless.

I believe that it’s important for people like myself to say what they think because it is important to test reality by sharing your thoughts with others. The others can then give you feedback about your thinking, either positive or negative. Positive feedback supports your ideas and feelings. Constructive negative feedback makes you aware of other ways of viewing the topics or situations. Unfortunately, we often fail to share ideas because of the fear of destructive negative feedback. People form their opinions based on personal experience or what they’ve learned from others.

For example, in the stories “Darkness At Noon” and “Homeless”, the two authors give their opinions on issues that are viewed differently by the general public, just so people can know about their opinions on that matter. Then when people see those opinions, they might agree.


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  1. My posts havn't been answered lately..please, i really need this


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  2. Your first paragraph is very good.

    But you haven't supported your ideas with specific details from your reading.

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  3. If you rephrase so you get rid of all the instances of "I" and "you" and related pronouns, the first paragraph will make a good introduction.

    The second, however, is just the bare beginning. You need LOTS of details from those stories to explain those statements.

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  4. OK, thanks


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