This is my observational essay on my backyard; is it alright?

There’s only one place that I go to when I’m upset, stressed, or even very happy. This place lets me relax, think in peace, and concentrate on whatever’s on my mind. The place is my backyard.

My backyard is not extraordinarily big; the lawn is very wide though. Wide enough to play just about any sport that you can play on green grass. A sandy colored fence to make sure no one goes to the dense forest in the back borders it. On sunny days, my whole family gathers in our backyard and we play badminton, soccer, volleyball, and races. Sometimes it seems as if the birds are cheering for us, always chirping from their nests high up in the trees that act as a canvas for whoever is in the yard.

On one side of the yard, we have a small garden that has vegetables planted. Bell peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, and different kinds of herbs grow there. When these vegetables are used for dinner, it’s always exceptionally tasty! Sometimes a rabbit or a squirrel might come to take a bite from it, but we don’t mind.

All around the fence, there are little flowerpots filled with soil that carry all different kinds of flowers: roses, marigolds, tulips, petunias, and my favorite, daises. When these are in full bloom, the colors are so beautiful. In springtime, the bumblebees buzz above them for pollen, and in winter they disappear, but in the summer time they put on a carnival of breathtaking colors. I love taking pictures of them!

Sometimes after I’ve had a long day, I like going to lie down on the grass of my backyard. It’s always mowed and green as a grasshopper, and I can hear planes and birds overhead. These sounds help me to relax and think about my troubles. I’ve even slept under the stars a few times! The grass under me feels crisp and frequently, a mosquito might join me. When that happens, my cat tries to chase the mosquito; it’s so funny to watch her trying to catch them! Overall, the feeling is amazing and it really lets you appreciate nature and the way God has made things.

My backyard is a haven of peace. It lets me think and relax at times nothing else does. When I’m in my backyard, I feel, understand, and appreciate nature and everything in it. I love my backyard!


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  2. THANK YOU! =D


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  3. i do not like it
    it is not for kids

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