Mr. Harrison has a very large backyard. He contacted the Clover Pool Company to have a pool installed in the shape of a rectangle. The Clover Pool Company would build a pool that has a perimeter of 72 yards. Mr. Harrison would be allowed to choose the dimensions (length and width) of the pool. He chose the dimensions that would give him the greatest area possible. Step A What are the dimensions of the pool that would give Mr. Harrison the greatest area? ___________________________________________________ Step B • Explain why your answer is correct. Use what you know about area and perimeter in your explanation. Use words, numbers and/or symbols in your explanation. • Suppose Mr. Harrison decides he wants to save space and now decides to make the pool with the smallest area possible remembering that the perimeter must still be 72 yards. What are the dimensions that would give Mr. Harrison the smallest area? Explain why your answer is correct. Use what you know about area and perimeter in your explanation. Use words, numbers, and/or symbols in your explanation.

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  1. If the pool is square (18 by 18), its area is 324 square yards. If its dimensions are 1 by 35, the area is 35 square yards.

    I think you can take it from there.

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