CRT 205

determine which arguments are valid
2. The Lakers almost didn’t beat the Kings. They’ll never get past Dallas.

3. If the butler had done it, he could not have locked the screen door.
Therefore, since the door was locked, we know that the butler is in the clear.

5. Hey, he can’t be older than his mother’s daughter’s brother. His mother’s daughter has only one brother.

6. Moscone will never make it into the state police. They have a weight limit, and he’s over it.

8. I guess he doesn’t have a thing to do. Why else would he waste his time watching daytime TV?

9. “There are more injuries in professional football today than there were twenty years ago,” he reasoned. “And if there are more injuries, then today’s players suffer higher risks. And if they suffer higher risks, then they should be paid more. Consequently, I think today’s players should be paid more,” he concluded.
2. Kera, Sherry, and Bobby were all carded at JJ’s, and they all look as though they’re about thirty. Chances are I’ll be carded too.
3. Seventy percent of freshmen at Wharfton College come from wealthy families; therefore, probably about the same percentage of all Wharfton College students come from wealthy families.
5. A cut in the capital gains tax will benefit wealthy people. Marietta says her family would be much better off if capital gains taxes were cut, so I’m sure her family is wealthy.
6. According to Nature, today’s thoroughbred racehorses do not run any faster than their grandparents did. But human Olympic runners are at least 20 percent faster than their counterparts of fifty years ago. Most likely, racehorses have reached their physical limits but humans have not.
8. “Let me demonstrate the principle by means of logic,” the teacher said, holding up a bucket. “If this bucket has a hole in it, then it will leak. But it doesn’t leak. Therefore, obviously it doesn’t have a hole in it.”
9. I know there’s a chance this guy might be different, but the last person we hired from Alamo Polytech was a rotten engineer, and we had to fire him. Thus I’m afraid that this new candidate is somebody I just won’t take a chance on.

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  1. Please post your answers and we'll gladly check them.

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  2. 2.valid 3.valid 5.valid 6.invalid 8.invalid 9.valid 2.valid 3.invalid 5.valid 6.valid 8. valid 9.invalid

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  3. In the first group, I disagree with your answer for 2.

    2. We have no idea what kind of team either the Kings or Dallas is.

    I disagree with two of your answers in the second group. For 3, the word "probably" makes the conclusion valid.

    Can you find the other answer with which I disagree?

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  4. I am not sure maybe the 9 in the second group

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  5. You were right by saying that 9 in the second group was invalid. One graduate of this college does not give us any information about the other graduates.

    Let's take another look at 5. "A cut in the capital gains tax will benefit wealthy people." The statement doesn't say if other people will also benefit from this cut. There isn't enough evidence to state that Marietta's family is definitely wealthy.

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  6. so 5. would be invalid thanks for helping me are all of my answer correct?

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  7. You're welcome. Yes, I believe your answers are correct now.

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