How do you figure this problem out?

How many different committees can be formed from 5 professors and 15 students if each committee is made up of 2 professors and 10 students?


The limiting factor is the students. You only have enough for one committee.

There are 5C2 ways to choose professors and 15C10 ways to select the students. Multiply them to get the total ways this can be done.

nCm means n choose m,check your text on how to calculate this.

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  1. 5 taken 2=10
    15 taken 10= [15x14x13x12x11]/5!
    so the final answer is: [15x14x13x12x11x10]/5!

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  2. There are 10 professors and 20 students out of whom a committee of 2 professors and 3 students is to be formed .find the number of ways in which tish can be done . further in how many of these committees

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