What adaptation does a bird have that allows it to live in a tree?

a. feathers and eyes
b. claws and wings
c. a pointed beak and warm feathers
d. a beak and wings

How would a beak help living in a tree? How would feathers help live in a tree?

Can you look at the answers and eliminate those that aren't correct? We know a bird must fly or climb the tree, then the bird must have someting to grip the limbs of the tree. Would a beak and wings work, answer d? The wings would get the bird up the tree but the beak wouldn't help it hang on. Answer a probably isn't correct either. Feathers, alone, won't help it fly. And eys will show where the tree is but wont get up the tree. Try this same reasoning on the other answers and see what you think.

Obviously wings are needed to allow birds to live in trees. Now -- in addition to wings, which do you think is needed for birds to live in trees -- claws or a beak?

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  1. d. a beak and wings

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