com 150 body paragraphs

I am to do only the body of my essay and the first draft of my paper is to be 900words with APA style standards to format in text citations and references but I don't know how to start or do it. can you help me please

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  1. What is your thesis statement? What arguments will you use to support it? If we know that, we'll be able to help you outline your paper.

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  2. My thesis statment is Healthy Eating means Healthy Living. My supporting is watching your diet, knowing how many calories are in your food, Eating less fat or fried food, avoid greasy food, eating healthy food.

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  3. That's not really a thesis statement, but it's a start. Please read the examples here to see how to make a plain ol' statement into a thesis statement!

    And this, too:

    Once you have rewritten your statement into a true thesis statement, please repost. Then we can help you with an outline to go with it.

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  4. My Topic is Healthy Eating, my thesis is healthy eating means healthy living because everybody needs to stay healthy to live longer.

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  5. "Healthy eating means healthy living because everybody needs to stay healthy to live longer."

    1. This is a statement but not a thesis statement; your position or your opinion is nowhere in this sentence. Did you read through ALL the examples in the first link I gave you above? Did you read the five items in the second link above? It doesn't seem like it.

    2. You need to learn the difference between "healthy" and "healthful."

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