Four brands of soap are available in a local store. Compute the unit price and decide which brand is the best buy.

Brand Ounces Total Price Unit Price
Squeaky Clean 5.5 $0.36
Smell Fresh 7.5 0.41
Feel Nice 4.5 0.31
Look Bright 6.5 0.44

Compute the unit price and decide which brand is the best buy.

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  1. To find the best buy, you'll need to figure out the price per ounce (unit price).

    Squeaky Clean at 5.5 ounces costs $0.36.
    Divide: 0.36 / 5.5 = $0.065 per ounce

    Smell Fresh: 0.41 / 7.5 = $0.055 per ounce.

    I think you can finish these calculations and decide which is the best buy.

    We'll be glad to check your answers.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. the best buy is Smell Fresh ar $0.054

    Sure hope this is right!

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