1. He wrote me a letter.
2. I was written a letter by him.
3. A letter was written me by him.
4. A letter was written for me by him.

(#1 is an active voice sentence. The others are passive voice sentences. Is #1 wrong or right as a passive voice sentence of #1? What about #3 and #4? Do we have to use 'for' before 'me' as in #4? Would you like to let me know the websites containing the information like that. Thank you.)

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  1. Only #4 is correct as the passive for #1.

    First of all, read about indirect objects. That's what these forms are that you're asking about, regarding the use of "to" and "for."


    In #1 with its ACTIVE verb, "me" is an indirect object. But when you put the same ideas into a PASSIVE sentence, the indirect object construction won't work anymore. Therefore you need to use "to" or "for" with the former indirect object.

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  2. . A letter__________by him.
    are being written
    is being written
    were being written

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  3. Rewrite the following sentences to correct the non-parallel series.

    We never learn the Doctor's name, but we know about his ship, his home planet, and regenerating.

    Daleks are known for shouting, "We obey!’’ and what they also shriek is "Exterminate!"

    Of all the villains on Doctor Who, the Daleks are the deadliest, have the most cruelty, and the most popular.

    Since 1963, the Doctor Who, has had many adventures in space, has travelled to save the past and the future, and wears a bow tie.

    Generally, Daleks have three attachments: one for firing death rays; one to see, and one that lets them manipulate objects.

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