what if there is no common denomintor, or is there a such thing as no common denomintor, this is 5th grade math.plz help

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  1. If you refer to your previous question,
    "what is the greatest common factor if 1/5 of 2/15 and 4/9? "

    I can understand the typo "of" was written as "if".

    We do not usually find common factors of fractions. At 5th grade, you may be preoccupied with common denominators. I understand the question if it was:
    "what is the least common denominator of 1/5 of 2/15 and 4/9? "
    That is why drwls wanted you to copy the question correctly so that the answer (if given) is for the right question.

    A common denominator for two or more fractions can ALWAYS be found. The question is finding the least common denominator to minimize arithmetic calculations.

    Can you recheck your question and show what you can do?

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