Yes - if it is the same person answering it - it is me again! My question has STILL not been answered...

How would I solve for upwards acceleration with this kind of image, assuming mass and force are given.

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  1. Sorry for the last.
    I don't know what the problem is on the second.

  2. Ok... but I still don't get it...

    Is there a formula type thing that could help me?

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  3. Not that I am aware. This is a two part problem...pulling a box along a "horizontal" with a rope at an upward angle, then put that picture all on an incline. You just have to work them separately. Yes, these are sadistic problems.

    I do think It would help you if you visited the nearest college bookstore, or BarnesNoble, and took a look at Schaum's OUtline Series, College Physics (or any of the other physics titles, I always like the Physics for Scientists and was really sadistic). The book is inexpensive, full of worked problems, including this one. A good tool for learning.

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