Automotive engine parts and operation

plz help me w/ the answers i have n tell me if i'm wrong.

1. An automotive engine's camshaft rotates at
A. the same speed as the crankshaft
B. one-quarter the speed of the crankshaft
C. one-half the speed of the crankshaft
D. twice the speed of the crankshaft
my answer c

2. The type of engine that contains one camshaft mounted in its cylinder head is called
A. an overhead valve engine
B. an overhead camshaft engine
C. a double-overhead camshaft engine
D. a push rod engine
my answer b

3. The part of the poppet valve that contacts the valve seat is called the
A. face
B. stem
C. margin
D. head
my answer a

5. Which of the following components controls the opening and closing of the valves in an engine?
A. the crankshaft journals
B. the camshaft lobes
C. the rocker arms
D. the push rod
my answer d

7. The crankshaft parts that are supported in the engine block by bearing inserts are called
A. rod journals
B. main journals
C. crankshaft throws
D. lobes
my answer a

8. During an engine's intake stage, what passages inside the cylinder head must the incoming air-and-fuel mixture flow through in order to enter the cylinder?
A. the intake ports
B. the exhaust manifold
C. the valve guide
D. the cylinder bore
my answer c

9. Which of the following components serves as both a cover for the bottom of the engine block and a reservoir for engine oil?
A. the valve cover
B. the oil pan
C. the front cover
D. the lubrication retainer
my answer b

11. In most engines, the head of the intake valve is
A. slightly larger than the head of the exhaust valve
B. much smaller than the head of the exhaust valve
C. the same size as the head of the exhaust valve
D. a different shape than the head of the exhaust valve
my answer a

12. In an automotive engine, the wrist pin connects
A. the connecting rod to the crankshaft
B the crankshaft to the camshaft
C. the piston to the connecting rod
D. the valve to the cylinder head
my answer c

13. Which of the following components helps to limit the front-to-back movement of the crankshaft?
A. the cam bearing
B. the flywheel
C. the thrust bearing
D. the vibration dampener
my answer d

14. The up-and-down motion of the piston is converted to rotary motion by the
A. cylinder head and the valves
B. bearings and the piston rings
C. push rods and the rocker arms
D. connecting rod and the crankshaft
my answer b

15. In a typical automotive engine, the piston contains _ compression ring(s).
A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four
my answer b

16. Which of the following components is an external passageway that connects an engine's fuel system to a cylinder head port?
A. the exhaust manifold
B. the intake manifold
C. the intake valve
D. the exhaust valve
my answer c

17. Which of the following lists the stages of the four-stroke engine cycle in the correct order of operation?
A. power, intake, exhaust compression
B. intake, power, compression, exhaust
C. exhaust, power, intake, compression
D. intake, compression, power, exhaust
my answer d

18. The space between the top of the valve stem and the rocker arm is called the
A. valve clearance
B. end play
C. bearing thrust
D. valve margin
my answer c

19. The component in the cylinder head that hold a valve in place and prevents the valve ste4m from moving side to side is the
A. valve spring
B. valve guide
C. valve cover
D. retainer clip
my answer a

20. The top of the cylinder head is sealed by
A. valve cover
B. front cover
C. oil pan
D. oil retainer
my answer b

21. The area in the cylinder head where the air-and-fuel mixture is burned is called the
A. combustion chamber
B. intake port
C. exhaust port
D. valve guide
my answer a

22. A typical oil control ring consists or _ separate part(s).
A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four
my answer a

23. During engine operation, the total distance that a valve opens is called the
A. rise
B. lift
C. duration
D. stroke
my answer b

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  1. 3) that part is mostly called the disk, but face is ok.

    7) I disagree
    8) I disagree
    13) I disagree
    14) I disagree

    I quit at 15, had to go.

  2. 16, 18, 19 wrong, IMO

    20,22 I disagree.

  3. 7. is ......b

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  4. 1: C 11: A 21: A
    2: B 12: C 22: C
    3: A 13: C 23: B
    5: B 14: D
    7: B 15: B
    8: A 16: B
    9: B 17: D
    18: A
    19: B
    20: A

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  5. these are the correct answers for sure
    the above are right except 5)B 6)d
    8)a 10)B

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  6. 1. C Correct
    2. B Correct
    3. A Correct
    4. A Correct
    5. B Correct
    6. D Correct
    7. B Correct
    8. A Correct
    9. B Correct
    10. B Correct
    11. A Correct
    12. C Correct
    13. C Correct
    14. D Correct
    15. B Correct
    16. B Correct
    17. D Correct
    18. A Correct
    19. B Correct
    20. A Correct
    21. A Correct
    22. C Correct
    23. B Correct

    Congratulations! Your score indicates that you have mastered the important points in the lesson. We wish you continued success with your studies.

    Your answers will be on file for 30 days. Notify us within 30 days if you have questions about your test score. You can take your exams online.

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