In the introduction, explaining the historical conditions or factors that led up to your report
A) may be unnecessary, depending on the nature and length of your report.
B) is unnecessary in internal reports.
C) diminishes your credibility by wasting readers' time.
D) is necessary only in very formal reports.

I thought it was neccessary to include backround reports so im confused im thinking d) but not to sure

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  1. I favor A. It is necessary to include the background information in reports. However, in a long report, you may not want to include this background in the introduction.

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  2. ALso

    1. Speeches and oral presentations are much like other business messages in that
    A) they require similar planning.
    B) the size of the groups to which they are delivered is similar.
    C) the interaction between the audience and speaker is similar.
    D) they deal with emotional or personal issues to a similar extent.

    i think its A or D

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  3. i cant believe its been almost 12 years since this question was asked.. thats amazing. Also, I think its A and the second question is C.

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  4. Thanks the answers changed for me but the only one that changed was the right answer (A)

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