child development (answer included)

• Choose a topic (such as history or science) you feel is relevant to the age group you work with or expect to work with.
• Describe in 200 to 300 words how you can assess a child’s knowledge on your chosen topic using at least five of Gardner's intelligences

How I can assess a child's knowledge is by questioning and/or his/her performance. Well for linguistic I would use words or phrases that match history and get the student to reason the answers People, Places, Things for example. Spatial would use pictures describing that part of history. Music would be what artists, composers, conductors, etc were popular and maybe discuss how music was developing. For example, the 1950's saw the advent of "rock and roll" with such people as Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard, etc. Well like for history, if you picked the 1960's you could use pictures from Woodstock, Martin Luther King, Jr., and JFK etc.

how does it sound?

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  1. It looks o.k. for middle or high school.

    What age group do you work with or plan to work with?

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  2. middle school

    you know anything else i might be able to say

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  3. Other ways of assessing middle school students knowledge of history include:

    Having each student make an illustrated timeline

    Visual projects -- like models and posters. (One of my students made a fabulous model of Hatshepsut's temple with sugar cubes)

    Those in band could play one or pieces of music from a specific time in history. (My daughter played her flute for a history project in 9th grade.)

    Of course, there are always tests with matching, multiple choice, and short essay questions

    Don't forget written and oral reports.

    Having students draw maps or label maps provides more visual assessment.

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  4. Oh -- yes -- and powerpoint presentations.

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  5. thank you very much

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  6. You're very welcome.

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  7. i feel this is horrible!

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