The school that Trevon goes to is selling tickets to a choral performance. On the first day of ticket sales the school sold 12 adult tickets and 4 student tickets for a total of $188. The school took in $171 on the second day by selling 6 adult tickets and 9 student tickets. What is the price each of one adult ticket and student ticket?

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  1. 12a + 4s = 188
    6a + 9s = 171

    12a = 188 - 4s
    3a = 47 - s

    Substitute s-value for a-value in second equation.

    2(47 - s) + 9s = 171

    Solve for s. Put that value in the first equation to find a. Put both into the second equation to check.

    I'll let you do the calculations. I hope this helps.

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