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should United States government policy favor certain kinds of immigrants? Should ( citizenship) preference be given to the neediest applicants? The most talented? The most oppressed? The richest? should applications from certain countries be given priority?


When the pilgrim founded America, they were fleeing the same type of immigration prejudice that existed in their own country that is why they came to America. They established America as the land of the free. Everyone from all over the world is welcome that is how democracy was established in this country. The people who build this country were immigrants from all parts of the world that is what America is all about. To suddenly discriminate against immigrants of any kind flies in the face of the democracy in which this country was established to discriminate against what is now called illegal immigrants, denies them of the freedom that their forefathers were given. As when this country was established all immigrants wherever they from should be accepted. There is no one in this country of America who is a native. Their forefathers came here as immigrants and that’s what we all are and nobody can deny that.

We are all immigrants as were our forefathers therefore this should never change in the land of democracy – America under any circumstances. After all this is supposed to be the land of the free.

I do not believe that applications from any countries should be given priority. No countries should be denied access because that is the premise on which this great nation was founded. That is called democracy – the land of the free. Again, the United States has a skill-based point system that gives equal opportunity to all people who have equal skills regardless of race or nationality. As a result, any system proposed will prioritize certain countries application one way or another. The best system will be to randomly raffle every application out and that is the very foundation on which this country exists.
The statue of liberty in New York says “we accept your poor, your hungry and we accept you whoever you are”. That should never change in this land of democracy.

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  1. Your first two paragraphs are unnecessary to answer this question.

    I suggest you start with these sentences from your third paragraph:

    I do not believe that applications from any countries or groups should be given priority. The best system will be to randomly raffle off every application for immigration.

    You may want to include more -- but those two sentences answer the question.

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    Ms. Sue

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