I'm trying to talk about the developments in literature...
I'm focusing on Jean Jacque Rousseau...
but in the beginning paragraph I would like to make some sort of comparision to today's society...

In today’s society Romanticism would not be an intimate walk on the beach enjoying the pastel painted sunset-sky, a candle-lit dinner with wine and roses, or even star gazing on a clear night while cuddled up in blankets. Instead, it would be _________

I want to talk about something kind of like rebellion, because writers became somewhat rebellious as they drifted away from the normal and found uniqueness and differences important.

I'm having writers block.
Please help! =)

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  1. Re writer's block:

    You might also go to www.thesaurus.com and enter rebellious and find a less pugnacious word to use. I think you're on the right track, but you just need a different word.

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