yvette and marie

Read carefully. Read what Yvette says as the final answer before you give your answer. MY :QUESTION: CAN MARIE ACCEPT THE FACT THAT YVETTE DOES NOT THINK MARIE GAINED WEIGHT?

READ CAREFULLY. No funny answers and no answers about Yvette is covering her tracks. My Question: (1) Can Marie accept the fact it was the glasses that made Yvette say what she said and (2) Yvette thinks Marie is skinny and did not gain weight. KEEP IN MIND THAT YESTERDAY ANOTHER CUSTOMER ASKED MARIE HOW SHE STAYS SO THIN AND NEVER GAINS WEIGHT, AND ANOTHER CUSTOMER SAID TO MARIE THAT MARIE KEEPS GETTING SKINNIER AND SKINNIER AND ANOTHER PERSON TOLD HER THAT SHE IS SKINNY LIKE A FAMOUS SINGER

Yvette: “Marie did you gain weight”
Marie: “Everyone always tells me I am skinny”
Yvette: “Wait a second it may be the glasses. They are an old pair and magnified”
Marie: “Then take the glasses off”
Yvette: “Yes it is the glasses, you are skinny” she said this twice


A coworker of Marie’s called Yvette over to giver her something. As Yvette was walking away she said “Marie you are small the glasses make everything look bigger.

Then the next day when Yvette came into the branch:
Yvette: “Marie you are skinny and have not gained any weight. I have my new glasses on”

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  1. Marie is probably getting fat. Glasses that magnify do not create the illusion of fatness. The increase all dimensions (hips, waistline, height, bustline) by the same ratio.

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  2. actually you are wrong

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  3. If you know the answer, why are you asking us? My statement about magnification is correct.

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