An amusement park ride consists of a rotating circular platform 8.26 m in diameter from which 10 kg seats are suspended at the end of 1.14 m massless chains. When the system rotates, the chains make an angle of 16.2 degrees with the vertical. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2.

1. What is the speed of each seat? I fixed my answer and got 3.57 m/s.

2. If a child of mass 26.2 kg sits in a seat, what is the tension in the chain (for the same angle)?

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  1. first, find the radius of movement. It is the sum of the platform radius + horizontal distance of swing.

    r=4.13+1.14sin16.2 figure that out.

    Now, consider the force vector on the seats. mg downward, mv^2/r outward
    tan16.2=v^2/rg solve for v

    Tension= mg/cos16.2 where m is the kid + seat.

    check my thinking.

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  2. Thank you ... yes its right

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  3. i have the same question but you could you give the equation because i am confused

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