Business Math

I did these, but the answers I got didn't match the ones in the back of the book.

If 135 is decreased by 75%, what is the new amount?

A number is decreased by 40% to 525. What is the original amount?

The cost of a pound of nails increased from $2.36 to $2.53. What is the percent of increase to the nearest whole-number percent?

Bert Davis is getting a 4.5% raise. His current salary is $38,950. How much will his raise be?

Federal Department Stores dropped the price of a winter coat by 15% to $149. What was the original price to the nearest cent?

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  1. 1)
    135 * 0.233 = 33.75

    0.6x = 525
    x = 525/0.6
    x = 875

    Do those answers agree with the answers in your book?

    If so, you can refigure the rest.

  2. Yes, thank you.

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    posted by tmouery

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