10th grade algebra

2b/4+b/3=10 solve for b.

asked by natalie
  1. If you don't like fractions, then clear them by multiplying each thing by 12. Otherwise, just add fractions with a common denominator like with arithmetic.

    posted by zorro
  2. what is b

    posted by natalie
  3. 2b/4 + b/3 = 10
    you find a common denominator, which is twelve so multiply 2b/4 by 3 and the b/3 by 4, we then get
    6b+4b/12 = 10
    to get rid of denominator we times both sides by twelve to get
    10b = 120
    to get rid of b you divide both sides by 10 to get:
    b = 12
    (don't forget to do opposite operation when moving it to other side) :)

    posted by Joanne
  4. 12

    posted by vikram raj

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