Grammar and Composition

this is the outline sheet:

Do not begin your speech with My Pet Peeve is... ."
Rather, think about how you will get the attention of your audience.
You should begin your outline on the lines below.

The last part of the introduction should state your pet peeve in your thesis statement.
Be creative!!!!! Creative!!!!!!!! CCrrreeeaaaattiivvveeee!!!!!!!
I expect that you will think of something better than:
"My Pet Peeve is...."
"My speech will cover...."

Body of Your Speech:
The middle part of your speech is the body.
How will you develop your pet peeve?
Look back to your brainstormed ideas; this should help you get started.
Remember to use some figurative language devices.
Continue your outline here. You may use a traditional outline form or a form that looks neat and organized for the body of your speech. You may use additional paper if needed.

Restate your Pet Peeve and end with a Clincher
The first part of the conclusionrestates your Pet Peeve. Begin your conclusion with a signal word or phrase. This provides for a smooth transition into the conclusion.

For example: "In conclusion,...."
"I want to leave you with a few thoughts."
"To summarize my main points,...."
"Today, I discussed...."
and many others.

The very end of your speech is a broad, general conclusion for the entire speech. This is your "last chance" to leave your audience with something. End with a clincher, the part that gives finalty. You can refer back to the introduction or end with an interesting statement. Really think about how you can end with a bang!
Now, use this sheet as a guideline and transfer your ideas to note cards. Remember, note cards have an outline of your notes on them, not sentences.

ok, this is the whole outline, I will work on it part by part, because I want to do it good.


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  1. p.s. i will need bobpursley's brilliant ideas to fix up whatever i write.

    that's why i'm going to take some time, so i can try to write it nicely.

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  2. Post what you have written to get our response.

    It becomes irritating to have students want us to do their work for them. Does that sound like a pet peeve?

    A good starting line might be:

    "You know what really ticks me off?" (or some similar question)

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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