Physics Problems

I have a few questions that I don't understand and are having troulbe with, could you please help me out? Thanxs!

What is the acceleration of a car that maintains a constant velocity of 100 km/hr for 10 seconds? (For this one don't I have to get the same units, this is how I started, but not too sure where to go afterward: (100 km/hr)(1000 km/hr)(1/3600 s)= 27.8 m/s)

What is the acceleration of a car that maintains a constant velocity of 100 km/hr for 10 seconds? (For this one, I know you have to use the formula of acceleration= distance traveled/time of travel, but I don't know what to do next or if I have to convert my numbers to get the same units)

Ten seconds after starting from rest, an object falling freely downward will have a speed of about ? (This one I don't understand, would you have to use the formula speed=distance/time?)

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asked by Soly
  1. For the first: constant velocity is zero acceleration.

    For the second: vfinal=gt g is the acceleration due to gravity

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