Assume you are a medieval knight attacking a castle with a canon. The ball leaves the cannon with a speed of 34.9 m/s. The barrel's angle with respect to the ground is 39.5 deg, and you make a perfect hit on the tyrant's chamber which is at the same level as the cannon's muzzle (H=0). What is the time of flight of the cannon ball?

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  1. I will be happy to critique your thinking.

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  2. Projectile motion equation:
    y=xtan(è)-(gx^2)/[2(ucos(è))^2] where
    è=39.5 deg., u -34.9 met/sec & g=9.8 met/sec^2. On substitution and solving for y=0, you can get the horizontal range as 122.003 met. and thus the time required would be = 122.003/(ucos(è))=4.53043 sec.

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