Verb and noun subjects
some help me find them in these sentences
Carla is buying a ticket for the concert.
The sale on ipods will last for two weeks.
Robert and Jane were elected to student concil. A live band has been hired for the party.
There are many people in the room.
Did the audience clap very loudly.

When you are looking for a subject... Ask "who or what did"... Ask it out loud. In the first sentence.... Who did? Carla.... so she is the subject.
The ask OUT LOUD.... "Carla did ???"
Carla - is buying..... What Carla "is buying" is the verb.

Go ahead and do the rest of the sentences this way and re-post. I will check back to see how you did. I am sure it will be great!

The sale on ipods will last for two weeks. Sale is what's happening, will last future tense is the verb.

Robert and Jane were elected to student concil. Robert and Jane are the subject, and were elected is the verb
A live band has been hired for the party. Live band is the subject and has been hired is the verb

There are many people in the room. People are the subject and are many is the verb.
Did the audience clap very loudly? Audience is the subject and clap is the verb.

VERRRRRRRRY GOOD!!! superior! Yea team!

only one problem... very small

There are many people in the room. People are the subject and are many is the verb

Look at the verb..... "many" can not DO anything... The verb in that sentence is just "are". Good things to memorize are the "being verbs" : am, is, are, was, were, be, being been... <G> I used to make my HS students sing them to me. Well done job!

what the other 2 said is correct exept they we saying the subject predicate.

do you need the subject phrase (the red ball) or just the subject (ball)?

the subject phrase includes the article and adjectives.

1. Verb- buying Noun- Carla, ticket, and concert
2. Verb- will,were(past tense) Noun- ipods, sale, and weeks
3. Verb- elected Noun- student, council, Robert, and Jane
4. Verb- hired,has(past tense) Noun- party, band,and live
5. (no verb) Noun-people, room
6. Verb- clap Noun- audience
P.S- Numver six does not use proper grammar and punctuation

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