abit of everythingURGENTDUETOMORROW

malevolent is to kind as miserly is to
infant is to child as teenager is to
flower is to biology as acid is to
delineate is to outline as evaluate is to
mildew is to plant as dugong is to
ostler is to horse as______is to ____ sheep____
first public performance of a play pre____
to foretell pre______
a type of crisp,salty biscuit

There will be more!PLease give me ANSWER not tips.HURRYHURRY...

It sounds like you want us to do the work for you. If you make use of a dictionary or encyclopedia, especially a hardbound one, it should help you to find most of your answers. You need to look up these words to find their definitions. This will mean that you will have to exert a little more effort, time and thinking, but I hope it will help you to learn more.

However, I will give you a few answers.

teenager is to adult
acid is to chemistry
play premiere
foretell predict
salty biscuit cracker

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

PsyDAG is right. It won't really help you at all if all we do is give you answers. What your teacher wants you to do is to build your vocabulary and learn how to do these yourself.

I searched at www.google.com with the terms "word analogies" (without the quotation marks) and found many helpful websites with practice pages. One of them even identifies the 12 different types of analogies there are. These kinds of things will help you far better in the long term than simply giving you answers.

Study well! =)

But i did!!!It's just to much time!!!I got this out of my coaching and there is over 20 pages every week!I also got school,ballet,swimming,drawing,chinese,tutoring,piano and musicianship to DO!!
I JUST DON'T HAVE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From what you say, it sounds like you are OVERLOADED with activities. It might be helpful to prioritize your activities (put them in order of importance to you) and then eliminate or cut down on one or more of the ones that you give lower priority.

I assumed that the work you asked about is part of your schoolwork, so it seems like school is not something you "also" have to do. Although you might have other classes, this is part of school.

As you live longer, you will find that you have to make decisions between various activities that you want/need to do. You might as well get some practice at making this type of decision now — even though you might not want to make it.

This article might be helpful:

I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for responding.

infant is to child as teenager is to adolescent? or adult?

malevolent is to kind as miserly is to happiness

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