A selenium atom (Se) would form its most
stable ion by the
1. loss of 2 electrons.
2. gain of 1 electron.
3. loss of 1 electron.
4. loss of 7 electrons.
5. gain of 2 electrons.

Help please and tell me how you got the answer. Thanks!

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  1. Se (atomic number 34) is in group 16 (or VIA depending upon the system your prof is using). Therefore, it needs two electrons to make 18 which is the next higher noble gas element of Kr(atomic number 36). Adding two electrons will make it a -2 charge.

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  2. Loss of 2 electrons

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  3. so what is the answer to the question

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  4. Selenium has the symbol Se2-, this means that selenium has

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  5. How many electrons to lose in selenium

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  6. How many electrons to lose in Argon

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