express this in binomial:
4ez (4e-z)

the 2 is the square..

can anyone teach me how to do this???

I'm a little unsure what your question is asking for here. Ordinarily, a binomial is an expression with two variables and some positive power, e.g.
(x+y)^2 or (x+y)^3
are expressions where we would use the binomial theorem to determine the coefficients of the expanded product.
This part right here
4ez (4e-z)
is already in simplest terms. If you were to distribute it you'd get
This is just the distributive property. I only put the parentheses around e so there's no confusion here; if you write this on paper they can be omitted.
I'm not sure if this answers your question or not. If not, please repost it with a little more explanation of what's being sought.

you are completely wrong about what a binomial is.

MONnomial : one factor 2 or 2xy^3
BInomial: two 2+2 or 3x^2+2y^4
POLInomial : three+ 2+x+8+v+q or 1+t+uv

Ok, I'll take your word on this. Let me point out that I've taken a significant amount of college math and the only terms I know (with certainty) that are used frequently are binomial (in the sense I gave) and polynomial, which is defined several ways. Multinomial is also used, but only as a generalized binomial.
All of the examples you gave are polynomials since they involve experssions in two or more variables.
You defined monomial as a single factor; more often we're concerned with the number of variables, not just the number of terms. But an expression in a single variable would still be called a polynomial, sometimes a factor, other times simply a term.
Hopefully you see that a little more explanation is needed to make sense of the original question.

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