re teachers -please help

My assignment is to write a 3 page essay about whether Christianity is sexist.
i need to answer these statements and write a paragraph for each:-

1 there is a lot of disscussion whether christianity is sexist......

2 People who agree with this idea such as feminists,claim that....

3 they also argue/believe that.....

4 a further point they make is.....

5 however there are also strong views against this point of view many christians believe that christianity is not sexist because...

6 they say that...
7 they claim /argue /believe that....

ive looked on some websites but it doesnt explain it very well .

if anyone could help id be very grateful. thankyou :)

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asked by Freya
  1. Please read these easy-to-understand sites carefully. I suggest you print them and make notes or highlight those parts that answer any of your questions.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Should women be pastors, or priests?
    Should women speak in church?
    Should women wear pants?
    should unmarried women have children?
    Just exactly who is the head of the household?
    And how in the bible does a man divorce his wife?

    Surely you are familiar with these Bible issues. Many of these were cultural issues in Biblical times, and some folks have translated that to divine status.

    posted by bobpursley

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