operating system

If /home/jenny/draft and /home/alex/letter are links to the same file and
the following sequence of events occurs, what will be the date in the
opening of the letter?
a. Alex gives the command vim letter.
b. Jenny gives the command vim draft.
c. Jenny changes the date in the opening of the letter to January 31, 2003,
writes the file, and exits from vi.
d. Alex changes the date to February 1, 2003, writes the file, and exits
from vim.

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  1. If they both have write access to the file, and the links are to the same file, it will be the last person who did a write that changes the date of the file.

    Sometimes the operating system is smart enough to lock other users out of writing when one user has write permission using, say, vim.

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  2. bjkm

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