French Word Scramble?

gnarer al snoaim...
eifra al srieupoes...
sersap l' atreuprsai...
hetacer eds cess...

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  1. I'll help you out a Bit.. try to work the rest out on your own.
    ranger la maison
    faire la ..

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  2. Hint: You are probably leaving a restaurant, and afterwards you do some housework at home.

    I am not sure you finished the last line.

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  3. Oups. It's all housework. Forget the restaurant part.

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  4. ranger la maison
    faire la poussière
    passer l'aspirateur
    acheter des fruits secs

    Just spent ages trying to figure it out myself with no luck until the next question mentioned aspirateur and I decided to give it a try. I hope this helps!

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  5. What French word does this make unscrambled dinvngoa

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  6. J'ai un bureau

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  7. How about pparrèupoes esl samue-luugese

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  8. ^^
    What about pparrèupoes esl samue-luugese

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