Number Sentence

In a 4-digit number, the two greatest place-value digits are 2. The sum of the ones and tens digits is 14. What numbers are possible?

We're told we have a number that looks like 22ab where a and b are the ten's and one's digits, and a+b=14. There aren't too many possibilities for two single digit numbers to add to 14. The first pair is 5+9=9+5 so 2259 and 2295 are two possible numbers. You should be able to find two more pairs of numbers that sum to 14. Remember to write them forward and backwards.

a test tube contains ten grams of alchohol, water, corn syrup, and cooking oil. you know the density of pure water is apprx. 1.00 g/mL.

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  1. twenty million.tree hunderd four thousand

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