In a "Rotor-ride" at a carnival, people are rotated in a cylindrically walled "room." (See Fig. 5-35.) The room radius is 4.6 m, and the rotation frequency is 0.7 revolutions per second when the floor drops out.

What is the minimum coefficient of static friction so that the people will not slip down?

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  1. The force holding them up is mu*fn= mu*mv^2/r= mu*m*w^2 r
    set that equal to the force of weight...

    m g= mu*m w^2 r
    solve for mu.

    change .7 rev/sec to rad/sec by multiplying by 2PI.

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  2. Help me anyone please

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  3. Change frequency to period T=1/f. Find the velocity v=2(pi)r.
    Find radial acceleration a=v^2/r.
    Then divide gravity by the radial acceleration that you found. g/a

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  4. rotor ride a cylinder of radius 3m is rotation at a linear speed of 15 m/s. What minimum coefficient of static friction is required to keep the participant from slipping?

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