the shape of sugarloaf mt. in rio de janeiro, brazil is such that if you were to kick a soccer ball hard enough, it could land near the base of the mountain without hitting the mountain's side. Suppose the ball is kicked horizontally with an initial speed of 9.37 m/s. if the ball travels horizontal distance of 85.0 m, how tall is the mountain?

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  1. The ball is in the air
    T = (85 m)/9.37 m/s) = 9.1 s

    Calculate how far it falls in that time. That will be the mountain height,

    H = (g/2) T^2

    This agrees with the formula given by JOHNNY

    You will be ignoring air resistance, which is NOT a good assumption for a soccer ball travelling that far and fast. It will probably nearly reach a terminal velocity and quit accelerating

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