(I'll try to describe this the best I can, it's a little hard without showing a picture)

This question deals with projectile motion:

An archer is standing 150 meters above another archer 450 meters away [so visually the 150m and 450m make the right angle]. The archer at the bottom is pointing his bow at 35 degrees.

How fast and at what angle should the archer at the top shoot the arrow in order to hit the archer at the bottom? (V0)

Likewise, how fast should the archer at the bottom shoot his arrow to hit the archer at the top? (V1)


I have no idea where to start on this. If it's any help, I tried to use Pythagorean Theorem and got 474.3m as the distance between the two archers. I also got 55 degrees for the angle at the top, but it may be off because the archer isn't standing at the very tip of the 150m wall. It's a weird question...but I know it's asking for velocity/angle.

Help please?
Thank you very much!

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asked by Nikki
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