another chem question

Examine the following unbalanced chemical equation:
CO(little2) + C --> CO

Which of the following is the correctly balanced form of this equation?

2CO(little2) + C --> CO
CO(little2) + C -->2CO
CO(little2) + C(little2) --> CO
CO(little2) + C -->C(little2)O

thanks for any help ...

There are two C, two O on the left. 2CO means 2C, 2O.

so would it be 1, 2, 3, or 4 from my initial question with the top being 1 and the bottom being 4

It is very tacky to mooch answers, without thinking. Goodness. Didn't my response directly tell you it was the second answer?

sorry i'm not trying to mooch answers, i just don't understand chem...

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